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Nancy J. Cullen is known nationally as a psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, palmist and teacher in the spiritual and metaphysical realms. She is located in Columbus, Ohio and has been providing psychic readings by vision since 1979.

She began providing psychic readings after pursuing her interest in palmistry. The study and practice of palmistry helped her to develop her greater inner self-awareness and intuitive abilities. Her level of sensitivity increased which then broadened her abilities of her higher senses including vision, touch, sound, and greater spiritual awareness.

Nancy now uses her gift of inner vision to interpret her client's energy patterns to foresee their life's situations and outcomes. Nancy believes that once a client understands their own energy patterns they can gain greater control, develop higher abilities, and create greater peace, balance and harmony.

Nancy is known for her high ethics and as "the real thing". She has earned the title of "The Rock of the Psychic Community" for her continual focus toward greater psychic and spiritual development and growth, and by providing numerous services to help with spiritual and metaphysical networking. To learn more of Nancy you can do so by reading her bio on the about page.​

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        since 1979
Located in Columbus, OH 43214
South of Rt. 161 and North of Morse Rd
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Nancy is presenting a special lecture on October 30, 2014 entitled
"How to Create a More Balanced Environment through Points of Simple Energy Awareness"
Click here for complete details and registration information!